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Reduce Your Risk

Our system integrator program is designed to educate and produce highly-qualified system integrators who are committed to enhance their competencies and capabilities. The goal is to help you develop the best possible solution with the least amount of risk for your company.

We develop and promote recognized system integrators and solution partners for system integrators who are committed to deliver the highest technical solution and customer service that lead with Dagar Brothers Infomatics Pvt. Ltd. The recognized system integrators are resources who are best positioned to leverage our technologies with a reduction in project risk. Solution partners possess the same traits but differentiate themselves with the ability to deliver across a broad geography.

In an increasingly competitive global marketplace, a focus for many industrial companies is to leverage technology to help sustain profitable business growth. Our program offers system integrators around the world, the ability to enhance their competencies and capabilities across the following disciplines:

  • Control
  • Process
  • Power
  • Information Solutions
  • Industrial IT

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